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We don't need to tell you that some people regard pro-built cars with just a little bit of contempt. As a Car Craft reader you may even have one of those "Built Not Bought" stickers on at least something you own. As enthusiasts, we like to think that the blood we spill to the gods of speed is payment for the pride we feel by doing for ourselves. That said, it's our great honor to present to youa pro-built '73 Trans-Am. Now that we have your ...
Supply and demand—it’s that pesky thing that affects the value of the cars you desire.
We all have "the one that got away" and dreams of one day getting it back. This is not one of those stories.
Made in Thailand but in left-hand-drive configuration. Interesting.
In a country with a rich automotive history as Italy, there are bound to be some special automotive museums scattered around the place. 
Matt Barczak was excited about buying a heavily optioned '65 Corvette convertible with a 350-horse 327 (L79) and four-speed. 
We rank every full-size pickup truck from top to bottom so you don't have to.
Coolant (also called antifreeze) is used to cool your engine and prevent overheating. Check out this video to learn the difference between green and orange coolant as well as other important coolant tips to help keep your engine safe.
The cars were all designed and built by college students.

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