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A new Z car from Nissan is reportedly on the way. This is what we've heard about it so far.
The Infiniti QX80 is an imposing SUV. While Infiniti isn’t changing any of the QX80’s gargantuan exterior proportions for 2022—it’s the same size it was since this model debuted for 2011—the inside is getting a much-appreciated update. And the best part? The price for this upgraded tech experience is barely more expensive than last year’s
Today, EVs require a dirty mining processes. Nissan's been working to change that and said it's found a way.
Photos show the truck officially rolling down the assembly line at Ford's plant in Mexico.
The Lexus RC F is back for another model year, tempting buyers with its almost anachronistic, big naturally aspirated V-8 engine. Most of its competitors have switched to forced induction, which has both its pros and cons, but the RC F continues to keep things old-school. The engine sounds killer, and it’s wrapped in striking
Genesis plans to introduce only new EV models from 2025, so the days of its internal combustion models are numbered.
Honda released an image of the TrailSport logo and says that the first TrailSport-badged Hondas will arrive by the end of the year.
Thousands of cars are damaged or destroyed by floods every year, but don’t assume all those vehicles end up in a junkyard. Some, in fact, are repaired and resold in other parts of the country wit...
Subaru has announced details and pricing for the refreshed Subaru Forester headed to the U.S. after showing the Japan-market version earlier this summer.

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